Team Marketing Blog: Jul 8, 2005

In Mar 2005, blog sites were a relatively new thing, and Team Marketing Report staff wanted to give one a shot. Over the next several months, TMR’s staff posted numerous stories and other sports business thoughts as the “Team Marketing Blog.” We have saved all of them and re-posting each of those individually for your reading enjoyment. Please note that we have kept the original links and many may no longer work.

Below is the final TMB post from Jul 8, 2005, from Jon Greenberg

Hola, sports marketers…

…it’s been awhile since my last post (I feel like I’m in confession, except that I’m Jewish and wouldn’t know where to sit), and for that I apologize.

When most writers take sabbaticals, it’s for writing a book or a play, or even a novella. I can top that. I was busy writing and editing the 2005 Major League Baseball Inside the Ownership CD-ROM (Available next week for $295 plus shipping and the always-ambiguous handling). It’s a good product, chock full of information about all 30 MLB teams (31, if you count all of the Expos business).

I must add a disclaimer, we eliminated the “Penetration Index” because quite frankly, we had no idea what the hell it meant.

Basketball will be out by summer’s end (Man, can you believe it’s already July 8!) and then an updated football and the triumphant return of the NHL.

When you receive your July newsletter (which could be in August with the way our printer’s been going), you’ll notice a handful of stories dealing with the Latino market. In my editor’s column, I mention how we purposely did this to illustrate the growing need to attract this growing market.

I must admit to being a tad disingenuous. We didn’t go into June thinking this would be our July focus.

Becky Wallace and I found two of this stories simultaneously, and then we decided to run them on the front page on purpose. I had the Texas Rangers/Mexican Consulate story on hold from a few months back, so we ran it this month.

We didn’t realize that the newsletter would have this focus until our editorial meetings, but we ran with it, and personally, I think it is apropos to what TMR is all about.

There is no science or set way to market to one particular demographic. It’s not brain surgery. Plenty of teams have Latino-themed promotions. So it’s nothing ground-breaking.

The Milwaukee Brewers (top of page one) hired a Hispanic marketing agency to beef up their efforts at drawing some of the 100,000-plus Hispanics in the greater Milwaukee area. Every major league team, and a slew of minor league teams, should do the same.

After hearing about Bill Kulik and his Spanish Beisbol Network from the Philadelphia Phillies, I got in touch with Bill and heard about his life story and how he started his small, but growing, Spanish radio group.

Known as “El Gringo Malo,” or as he translates it, “bad-ass white boy,” Kulik has carved a niche for himself in the Boston market after nearly four years of covering the Red Sox. He moved to Philly this year to do games there, and he also started an agreement with Tampa Bay.

What he does is simple, he buys discounted rates from teams, finds small stations that hit Latino neighborhoods and either pays them for airtime or works out trades where they keep a share of local radio ad money. He sells national, network ads to companies like Ford and Western Union.

Kulik will add more teams next season, and according to news reports he has tried to add the Patriots and Celtics when based out of Beantown, but I think he could make some headway trying to add some minor league teams, especially those in Texas and California.

Kulik’s e-mail was cut out of the article for spacing issues, but he can be reached at:

Other stories:

This story was passed around ad nauseum yesterday, but for those who missed it, check out the ultimate Steelers fan. Not to be macabre, but the fact that this guy died a week after Myron Cope retired makes me think it wasn’t a coincidence. (

Minor league baseball teams have already jumped on the “win a free funeral” bandwagon, why not plan a team-themed funeral. How long until team’s have an official mortician on the roster?

OK, that’s enough. You’ve been a great audience. Try the veal.

– Jon

Currently Founding Editor/Columnist at The Athletic Chicago. Jon was with TMR from 2003-15, including Executive Editor 2008-15.