Our mission: to empower sports business professionals with great ideas, smart thinking and critical data to build and sustain fan engagement.

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Our promise: to deliver actionable, measurable fan-centric sports business insights and connect you to the people and places behind them.

Whether you work at a team, agency, brand, league, university, vendor or are looking to get into the industry, we bring together the best ideas, best people and best success stories all in one place. Everything we do empowers the sports business community with the tools for successful, sustainable fan engagement.

Feature 01 - TMR Factbook

TMR SportsSponsor FactBook™:
The Sports Business Connection Hub

Add a researcher, a relationship builder and a client services expert to your team. At a fraction of the cost! Quickly find decision-makers and their contact info. Pinpoint sponsors, vendors and even deal terms. Cross reference TMR archives. Avoid wasting time reaching out to the wrong people or using the wrong messaging. Save valuable time with the SportsSponsor FactBook.

Mike Gordon

“I look at a TMR membership as adding a team business services expert - at a fraction of the cost. You always come away learning something from TMR.”

Mike Gordon
General Manager, Northwestern Sports Properties & Former President, Chicago Wolves
Feature 02 - TMR Insider

TMR Insider:
Deeper information.
Invaluable fancentric insights.

Our goal at TMR Insider: we focus on sharing “fancentric” insights and connecting sports business professionals with great ideas and the people behind them.

Sports business success always boils down to the fan. No fan = no team.

Who are the best at creating fan relevance, driving fan engagement and maximizing fan investment? How do teams, brands, sponsors and agencies create and activate strategic, measurable - and revenue-positive - programs?

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Feature 03 - TMR FanCostIndex

TMR FanCostIndex:
The ONLY game cost data source.
MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL FCIs back three decades.

Dive into decades of ticket and concession data, trends and information you cannot find anywhere else.

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