Team Marketing Report – Oct 2004 (Vol 17, Issue 01)

This issue includes the 2004 NHL Fan Cost Index. MVP members can view that complete FCI here. Vol 17, Issue 1 (Oct 2004) Team Marketing Report is the only publication devoted to reporting innovative and successful ideas to increase revenues for sports marketers. In This Issue... Eagle-eyed Philadelphia launches first-ever brand campaign. Elasticity Trendy bracelets raise money for teams’ charities.

Team Marketing Report – Aug 1991 (Vol 03, Issue 11)

Vol 03, Issue 11 (August 1991) In this issue... NETWORK WORKING Two brands use Network International's multi-arena packaging to gain trial/or their products. DIALING FOR SALES The Southwestern Conference installs a conference-wide 800 number that allows fans to access ticket offices of all SWC schools. GUEST COLUMN Marion Melcher...