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Why XFL Players Being Signed By NFL Presents More Opportunities Than Challenges For Upstart League

Patrick Rishe, Forbes SportsMoney (Mar 31, 2020)


NHL Puck Drops: What the NHL might look like after COVID-19

Lyle Richardson, The Guardian (P.E.I) (Mar 31, 2020)


Cost of Attendance Expected to Decrease Upon Sports’ Return

Kelly Byrnes, TicketNews (Mar 25, 2020)


‘Cost of Attendance’ Expected to Decline Post COVID-19

Corey Leff, John WallStreet/ (Mar 24, 2020)


How sports standstill hits Astros, Rockets and Texans

David Barron, Houston Chronicle (Mar 22, 2020)


Stoppage in play due to coronavirus could cost Blues millions in revenue

Jim Thomas, St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Mar 20, 2020)


How the coronavirus pandemic could hurt bottom line for Crew, MLS

Jacob Myers, The Columbus Dispatch (Mar 19, 2020)


Tom Brady To Tampa Bay Is More About Branding Than Performance

Mike Ozanian, Forbes SportsMoney (Mar 18, 2020)


The Coronavirus’s Economic Effect On Sports Could Be Staggering

Neil Payne, FiveThirtyEight (Mar 16, 2020)


Coronavirus: What will economic hit be for Warriors, Sharks, other Bay Area pro teams?

Elliott Almond, San Jose Mercury News (Mar 15, 2020)


NHL financial impact: How much money does a team bring in each home game?

Scott Burnside, The Athletic (Mar 13, 2020)


XFL’s first rivalry? Houston vs. Dallas is a ‘Texas throwdown’

Suzanne Halliburton, Austin Statesman (Feb 29, 2020)


Sabres to alter ticket pricing model, increase prices

Lance Lysowski, Buffalo News (Feb 28, 2020)


LAFC sells out its entire inventory of 2020 season tickets

Kevin Baxter, Los Angeles Times (Feb 25, 2020)


Here’s how much it costs to attend an XFL game and why it’s important

Bill Shea, The Athletic (Feb 21, 2020)


D-backs Single Game Tickets on Sale This Monday (Feb 19, 2020)


Didi Gregorius on growing the game: ‘Lower the price and get rid of blackout restrictions’

Destiny Lugardo, (Feb 18, 2020)


Like it or (more likely) not, Browns’ ticket price increase is a case of supply and demand

Kevin Kleps, Crain’s Cleveland Business (Feb 7, 2020)


Bills to increase season ticket prices, parking passes

Jay Skurksi, Buffalo News (Feb 5, 2020)


2020’s Best & Worst Cities for Football Fans

Adam McCann, WalletHub (Jan 27, 2020)


The aura of Bridgestone Arena is gone

Adam Vingan, The Athletic (Jan 17, 2020)


Good luck getting a family of four into a professional sport for $100 — not in good seats, but any seats

Bill Shaikin, Los Angeles Times (Dec 26, 2019)


How NFL Sponsor Bud Light took advantage of an NFL beer fine

Daniel Roberts, Yahoo Finance (Dec 20, 2019)


The Cost of Being a Hockey Fan

Bryan Bastin, On the Forecheck (Dec 17, 2019)


What NHL teams are the best cash value for fans? You might (or might not) be surprised

Bill Shea, The Athletic (Dec 16, 2019)


Cubs season ticket prices dropping by an average of about 2.5% for 2020, team says

Paul Sullivan, Chicago Tribune (Nov 6, 2019)


From Terrible Teams to Rising Costs: Why MLB Attendance is Down Over 7% Since 2015

Maury Brown, Forbes (Oct 4, 2019)


The Rockies biggest star? Coors Field, which remains a baseball mecca, despite team’s losing ways

The Denver Post (Sep 22, 2019)


That trendy hard seltzer or fancy craft beer at the stadium may drive up your NFL game day costs

Bill Shea, The Athletic (Sep 19, 2019)


Bengals Enhance Fan Experience At Paul Brown Stadium (Sep 11, 2019)


Here’s what’s new at Paul Brown Stadium as Bengals kick off home schedule

Cincinnati Business Courier (Sep 11, 2019)


Team Marketing Report analysis: Browns’ ticket prices go up 11.4%, are league’s second-cheapest

Kevin Kleps, Crain’s Cleveland Business (Sep 6, 2019)


Individualism and swagger: What the NHL can learn from the NBA about branding its stars

Joe Smith, The Athletic (Sep 5, 2019)


Padres’ season ticket sales up, prices remain steady for now

Kevin Acee, San Diego Union-Tribune (Aug 31, 2019)


Sports economists weigh in on how another recession could prove costly for the industry

Bill Shea, The Athletic (Aug 19, 2019)


As LAFC rises, so do team’s tickets, already the most expensive in MLS

Kevin Baxter, Los Angeles Times (July 27, 2019)


Angels are more of a bargain than Dodgers for a family night out

Bill Shaikin, Los Angeles Times (Mar 21, 2019)


How technology is improving the fan experience – and creating legal challenges for clubs and leagues

Law in Sport (Feb 22, 2019)


Dodgers are No. 1 in ticket price jump

Baltimore Sun (Apr 25, 2018)