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Who knew creating the best website and content in sports business to go with a custom connection hub would be challenging? Oh, that’s right. We did.

And here we are, giving all we’ve got to return Team Marketing Report to its place at the top of the sports business world.

TMR is fully committed to being the best source of great solutions to finding, engaging and keeping your fans.

We promise to work our tails off for you. And we will always remember: without the fan, we don’t have sport.

Our goals for TMR: (1) you will learn something in every, single piece of content we produce; and (2) the TMR community we build together will be a vibrant source of great ideas and new connections.

Hopefully you’ve got a little patience, because this sucker is going to need a little time.

Hopefully you’ve got a little of that time today, because we need you to complete your profile.

We also want to hear what you want from TMR. And we can use your help spreading the word to your coworkers and throughout your network.

Right now, we have a foundation in place along with basic info on 5,000+ teams, agencies, brands, sponsors, venues, etc.

In the coming months, you will see an explosion of helpful info about teams, agencies, brands, companies, plus a constant flow of insights on trends, sponsorships, innovations and, of course, your fellow pros bringing fan-centricity to life.

Better yet, we’ll be the place to connect with any and all of them.

Simply put: we’re thrilled to have you along for the ride.

Thirty-one years ago, founder Alan Friedman had the vision and drive to launch TMR. He set the high standard we’ll work to live up to every day: to be the only source delivering innovative sports marketing ideas that drive revenue.

Today, with the relaunch we bring you a taste of what you’ll find on an ongoing basis from now on.

First off, TMR “editor emeritus” Dan Migala shares his #SportsBiz Dream Job. Brian Conant tips back a couple in his look at beer and booze at college football stadiums. Yours truly dives deep into the Chicago Bears’ unique graphic novel campaign and how it helped the team connect with new fans. And we bring back “Roster Moves” to keep you in the loop about who is going where.

Secondly, we have two Fan Cost Index reports to publish: we held the NBA 2018-19 FCI for the relaunch of the site and we just completed the 2019 MLB FCI just in time for today’s Opening Series getting underway in Japan between the Oakland A’s and Seattle Mariners.

As a final note, I owe huge thanks to a ridiculously long list of folks. I’ll spare you the full list, but can’t leave without a few special shoutouts.

First off, thanks to Kevin Adler for making the connection to Scott Bronstein and Scott for having faith in me to lead TMR’s turnaround. Thanks for 6-months of full-time help from Libby Heisinger, plus researchers Dom Abruzzo, Jay Heininger, Kawanis Bowers, Jack VanErmen and Connor Hartweg who accomplished a ton in a short time. A debt of eternal gratitude to Scott Andresen for the invaluable legal advice. A hat tip to Alex Al-Hamden and Arccentric for making this crazy website a reality. Kudos to Drew Waiss of Faust Design and Will Hobbs of hstardesign for the logo and branding guidance. And undying appreciation for all of you who allowed me to pick your brain and bounce ideas off of you, especially: Mike Gordon, Sean Callahan, Molly Carter, Mike Myers, TK GoreDan Migala, Tony SchillerAmy Potter and the indispensable Jon Greenberg.

I need to share a little extra love for two brilliant friends who do their best to keep the Hartweg train from completely going off the rails: Ryan Carter and Gabe Ottolini.

And none of this would be possible without the support of my wife, Kelly Hartweg, and her never-ending patience, positivity — and prodding. Thanks Kel.

TMR’s test issue (left) and Issues 1 (Oct), 2 (Nov) & 3 (Dec) from 1988 TMR Archives

Time to get to work.


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Chris brings deep sports business experience to his role as publisher of TMR. He first put his sales, experiential marketing, PR, sales and valuation skills to work in sporting goods retail in 1986. He has since worked for brands and agencies across all major league sports, plus golf, college athletics, marathons and motorsports. Chris is also the proud founder of Painless Networking.