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News, notes and nuggets from our Publisher for Nov 4, 2020

2020 NFL Fan Cost Index® Now Available

There is no rest for the weary here at Team Marketing Report. We are always about being fancentric and we are always immersed in Fan Cost Index® work of one kind or another.

Following the publication of the 2019-20 NBA Fan Cost Index® last month, we kept the throttle all the way open and finished off our remaining 2020 NFL FCI® deliverables.

Today we publish our look at pre-pandemic NFL pricing, revenue expectations and how teams are doing at salvaging some revenues with partial fan attendance. Check out all the details at our FCI page.

Not only do we provide our traditional Fan Cost Index breakdown, charts and analysis—if you expect all three teams with new stadiums in hot markets to send their FCIs through the roof, you’d be very wrong.

Not surprisingly, the Raiders move to Vegas and Allegiant Stadium vaulted them up the rankings. In fact, they went from 23rd most expensive team last year in Oakland all the way to the No. 1 spot.

The most expensive team for the previous three seasons, the Chargers, not surprisingly fell back from the top spot. They were not going to stay at the ultra-pricey price point with upwards of 30,000 more seats to sell. What was surprising was the fact the Bolts fell all the way to 24th!

In addition, as we did with the NBA FCI and our 2020 MLB Fan Cost Index® before that in July, we put our FCI data to work to project “gross gameday fan revenue” (GGFR) for each NFL team.

Fanless games are costing NFL teams, venues and their partners nearly $3 billion in gameday receipts. All the numbers are crunched and ready to digest in our report.

Up Next

Next week we will have NHL GGFR numbers completed and published to assess the hit teams took from losing nearly 200 regular season home games due to pandemic safety concerns. Plus, we will compare and contrast across NHL, NBA, NFL and MLB. Stay tuned for that.

NFL FCI Highs & Lows

We will leave you with this table showing year-over-year percentage changes for Average Ticket Price and FCI for all 30 moves during the NFL Fan Cost Index era.

Have a great week and, as always, stay fancentric friends!


Chris brings deep sports business experience to his role as publisher of TMR. He first put his sales, experiential marketing, PR, sales and valuation skills to work in sporting goods retail in 1986. He has since worked for brands and agencies across all major league sports, plus golf, college athletics, marathons and motorsports. Chris is also the proud founder of Painless Networking.