Team Marketing Blog: May 18, 2005

In Mar 2005, blog sites were a relatively new thing, and Team Marketing Report staff wanted to give one a shot. Over the next several months, TMR’s staff posted numerous stories and other sports business thoughts as the “Team Marketing Blog.” We have saved all of them and re-posting each of those individually for your reading enjoyment. Please note that we have kept the original links and many may no longer work.

Below is the entry from May 18, 2005, from editors Becky Wallace and Jon Greenberg

From Tatooine to you

…Well, I bet you’re wondering why there’s been a lull in blogging. Here’s the ugly truth: I’ve been waiting in line for Star Wars Episode III for the past month.

It’s been a long wait, huddled next to some guy in a Greedo mask and a really out-of-shape Wookie, but the day is almost here!

I’m actually typing this on a stolen laptop I bought at the makeshift Mos Eisley cantina they built yesterday.

Apparently I’m not the only one excited about “Revenge of the Sith.”

Just ask Exec. Editor, Becky Wallace:

No one can get far, far away from Star Wars this week.

At least three teams I’ve spoken with today have mentioned some promotion or giveaway focused on the opening of “Revenge of the Sith.”

Activities range from dizzy light saber races to appearances by Star Wars characters.

The Class A Swing of the Quad City has partnered with a group of local theaters to guarantee tonight’s game attendees a seat at the movie’s midnight showing.

“We approached Showcase Cinemas about sponsoring our Star Wars-themed game,” explained Mike Weindruch, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the team. “Besides providing the seat guarantee to our fans, they also provide 10 pairs of tickets for us to give away at contests throughout the night.”

Wednesdays also happen to be discounted beverage night for the Swing. The team hopes that cheap beer and Star Wars promotion will help bump ticket sales on a traditionally slow night.

Swing of the Quad Cities ( 563-324-3000

(An added note: check out the Swing’s Web site today to find a picture NOT to put on your front page.)

May the Force be with you,
– Jon & Becky

Currently Founding Editor/Columnist at The Athletic Chicago. Jon was with TMR from 2003-15, including Executive Editor 2008-15.