Team Marketing Blog: Mar 9, 2005

In Mar 2005, blog sites were a relatively new thing, and Team Marketing Report staff wanted to give one a shot. Over the next several months, TMR’s associate editor at the time, Jon Greenberg, posted numerous stories and other sports business thoughts as the “Team Marketing Blog.” We have saved all of them and re-posting each of those individually for your reading enjoyment. Please note that we left the original links and many may no longer work.

Below is the first entry from Mar 9, 2005…

Penned In

From the fingers of Jon Greenberg:

A screengrab of the first Team Marketing Blog post from 2005

In the March issue of Team Marketing Report, I wrote a column and a short story on the Class AAA Memphis Redbirds‘ “schedule pen.” Sounds exciting, right?

I compared myself to Seinfeld fan favorite Jack Klompus, because I was excited about such a simple item.

But in truth, it is an exciting product. The pen has a pull-out sheet of high-quality paper that unfurls from the middle. It’s a full-season schedule with room on the flip side for a sponsor.

It’s a simple idea and one that would work for any team or college. Imagine dropping a pen into every incoming freshman’s mailbox at your university to advertise either your football schedule (if you’re say, a Mid-American Conference school that has trouble drawing the requisite fans to meet new Division I requirements) or your Olympic sports schedule (if you’re a Big 10 school, etc.). Think that wouldn’t pay immediate dividends?

Unlike a mini-fridge, you can take this pen everywhere, so the schedule goes everywhere as well.

And trust me, it’s impossible to resist pulling out this schedule every time you pick up the pen.

Check out the Web site and talk to Jeff Bouchy (former GM Orlando Predators)…

Contact Kerry Sewell, VP Marketing, Memphis Redbirds:

For the Jack Klompus fans, or those simply interested in a man who loves his pen…

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