Team Marketing Blog: Apr 19, 2005

In Mar 2005, blog sites were a relatively new thing, and Team Marketing Report staff wanted to give one a shot. Over the next several months, TMR’s associate editor at the time, Jon Greenberg, posted numerous stories and other sports business thoughts as the “Team Marketing Blog.” We have saved all of them and re-posting each of those individually for your reading enjoyment. Please note that most links no longer work.

Below is the entry from Apr 19, 2005…

The Links, TMB style

If something’s hip, the New York Times is bound to come calling. The old Gray Lady, whose worst attempt at tapping the core of pop culture came in the early 90s when someone bungled a story on grunge rock, sounded off on sports blogs recently:

For a team, blogs like the ones mentioned in this story can be extremely valuable. While the overall “blogosphere” has been known for its volatile, story-cracking nature, most of these sites are souped-up fan forums that are highly trafficked and open to team participation.

One way to gauge and perhaps even improve fan support is to support these bloggers, and if one isn’t around, especially in the minors, create your own.

Athletics Nation ( which is mentioned heavily in this article, for instance, sells gear with the phrase: “In Billy We Trust,” for A’s GM (and now part-owner Billy Beane). Not exactly neutral, is it?

In all, there are currently 17 members of the SportsBlogs family that are mentioned in this article, including one solely focused on Minor League baseball:

(A brief on the 1992 N.Y. Times grunge rock article:

Yes, you can have sox in the theatre

The Boston Red Sox, along with New England Sports Network, Showcase Cinemas, and cable television providers Comcast, Cox Communications and Charter Communications, today announced plans to expand the popular “Game Night” showings of select Red Sox games at Showcase Cinemas in five New England cities.

The in-theater telecasts will kick off Tuesday, Apr 19, when the Red Sox face the Toronto Blue Jays at Fenway Park. All games will be presented in digitally projected widescreen high-definition with Digital Dolby stereo sound and feature comfortable theater seating in Randolph, Revere, Worcester and Springfield, Mass., and in Providence, RI. Cable partners Comcast, Cox Communications, and Charter Communications are delivering NESN’s high definition production to the respective theatres.

Advance tickets for “Game Night,” which are just $7, are available through at or at participating Showcase Cinemas’ box offices. A portion of the proceeds will benefit The Red Sox Foundation, the team’s charitable organization that helps children and families in need across New England.

The first ­live in-theatre showing of a regularly scheduled Major League Baseball game occurred Fri, Sep 5, 2003, at the Showcase Cinema in Randolph where a sold out audience cheered the Red Sox to a victory over the New York Yankees. The Red Sox received more than 25,000 ticket requests for the 400 available seats for that one game. (verbatim from

OK, what next

Sandy Alderson was introduced as CEO of the San Diego Padres and given immediate marching orders by owner John Moores: “I want him to turn this into the best baseball franchise in America.”

What, no Nick and Jessica concert?

The Cleveland Cavaliers offer discounts to newlyweds.

Gimme some latkes with a tamale on the side

Miami is a virtual smorgasboard of ethnicities and the Florida Marlins are celebrating every damn one this season: Dominican Heritage Night, will take place on April 22. It will be followed by nights celebrating Paraguayan (May 11), Cuban (May 20), Jewish (May 29), Asian-American (June 7), Venezuelan (July 5), Argentinean (July 9), Colombian (July 10), Peruvian (July 28), Bolivian (Aug. 9), Ecuadorian (Aug. 10), Brazilian (Sept. 4) and Mexican (Sept. 16) heritage. (

Reelin’ em in

Don’t think the Marlins are skimping on the giveaways either. My favorite is Josh Beckett fishing lure night in May 7.

Get me Castro on the horn

Curmudgeonly Marlins skipper Jack McKeon visited the Pentagon on Monday before the Marlins faced the Nationals at RFK Stadium, according to the team’s Web site.

“I’ll see what kind of strategy they are using,” McKeon joked. “Maybe I’ll see if they need any help.”

The bell tolls for thee

“To celebrate Fan Appreciation Night, the Nets will pay the tolls for all motorists exiting 16W on the Turnpike from 6:30-7:30 p.m. Tuesday for the home finale against the Wizards. The Nets also will give out a variety of prizes, including a 2005 Ford Focus.” (Bergen County-Record, Monday, April 18)

Good luck, ya hosers

The National Hockey League hires a PR firm. Good move. You know, I was just thinking, I haven’t heard about any games this season.

Oh Canada!

U.S. papers just don’t do this. Why, I don’t know.

Currently Founding Editor/Columnist at The Athletic Chicago. Jon was with TMR from 2003-15, including Executive Editor 2008-15.