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Mike Gordon

“I look at a TMR membership as adding a team business services expert - at a fraction of the cost. You always come away learning something from TMR.”

Mike Gordon
President, Chicago Wolves

Frequently Asked Questions

How does TMR protect my privacy?

Please refer to our complete Privacy Policy for details.

What do I need to do to get this amazing article I’ve written published in TMR?

See our post titled “Help Wanted” to see how to contact us to submit a piece for publication.

How can I submit a press release, story ideas or news tip to TMR?

Press releases, story ideas or news can be submitted any time by e-mailing

What if I spot an error in a company profile?

TMR strives for 100% accuracy, but occasionally we may err. If you find anything you think is incorrect or requires clarification, just email us at and we’ll get back to you within hours.

What if I have reason to believe a TMR member has misrepresented themselves in their member profile?

We are working to build a healthy, happy and honest community. If you have proof someone is not being forthcoming about their work history, responsibilities or other information, email publisher Chris Hartweg at with details of the inaccuracy. We will respect anonymity, if your safety is of any concern.

What do I do if I find an article or posting that needs a correction?

Email the editorial staff at with any details and specifics: What story are you referring to? What is incorrect? What is your proof of the error?