INDEX: Oct 1988 – Sep 1990 (Vol 1 & 2)

OCTOBER 1988 – SEPTEMBER 1990 (Originally published Oct 1990)

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Chicago Bears players are popular at luncheons in Chicago. Nov 88

Denver Broncos and NFL Properties test SpringFest fan festival. Sep 90

Denver Nuggets‘ exhibit at a children’s museum lets fans measure up to players. Aug 89

Univ of Detroit publicizes move to new arena with run around city. Nov 89

Florida State Univ creates cheering section for senior citizens. Mar 90

Houston Astros teach sports marketing class at local university. Jan 90

Univ of Iowa plans series of events to celebrate its 100th anniversary of football. Oct 89

Kansas City Royals hope its Opening Day celebration becomes a K.C. tradition. Feb 89

Univ of Minnesota reaches new fans with “Hometown Days” promotions. Nov 89

North Dakota State Univ offers youth basketball clinics to educate, attract kids. Oct 88

Pittsburgh Steelers strengthen ties to community via 500 player appearances. Oct 88

Univ of Portland promotes soccer through youth groups. Nov 88

Purdue Univ creates club to promote fan interest in women’s sports. Jan 89

Riverside Red Wave educates fans about fire safety and raises money for local fire departments. Sep 90

San Francisco Giants give CPR lessons before game. Dec 88

Spokane Chiefs deliver for a local charity through promotion with Domino’s Pizza. Feb 90

Tampa Bay Buccaneers participate in model business village that educates local students. Feb 90

Univ of Southern California uses year-long centennial celebration to promote its teams. Nov 88



Albany Patroons’ Bombs for Bucks promotion is a fan favorite and helps sell team programs. Feb 89

American Univ promotes basketball tickets with two local restaurants. Jan 89

Ameritech Mobile Communications sponsors “Mobile Minute” at Columbus Horizon games. Nov 89

Univ of Arizona promotes basketball and generates traffic for local grocery stores. Jul 89

Arizona State Univ and Kiwanis distribute player cards in community. Nov 88

Buffalo Bisons and Bells Supermarkets sponsor “Friday Night Bashes”. Oct 88

California Angels hold ‘instant’ photo contest sponsored by Polaroid. Sep 89

California Angels issue Angels’ all-star baseball trading cards. Sep 89

Canisius College entertains fans with a demonstration of laser tag. Jan 90

Chicago Bulls and the Illinois State Lottery team up to promote Bulls Fever lottery game. Mar 89

Colorado State Univ and Univ of Pacific sell corporate sponsors on women’s volleyball. Oct 88

Dallas Sidekicks stage a halftime soccer game featuring company mascots. Jan 89

Denny’s Restaurants tie-in with the San Diego Padres for a high-redemption promotion. Apr 90

East Carolina Univ plans parties to promote spring football game. Oct 88

Univ of Georgia stages women’s slam dunk contest, sponsored by Coca-Cola. Feb 89

Houston Astros and Houston Cellular offer fans free cellular phone service at Astros games. Mar 90

Indiana Pacers upgrade tickets for lucky winners of promotion. Dec 89

Univ of Iowa generates over $50,000 with Hawkeye Fever promotion. Dec 88

Louisiana St Univ uses a pre-season game to generate traffic for sponsors. Nov 89

Miami Dolphins and Publix Grocery Stores run season-long “Dolphins Mania” contest. Dec 88

Milwaukee Wave throws a beach party featuring stars of “Gilligan’s Island”. Jul 89

Minnesota Twins and Miller Lite sponsor a laser show and ticket give-away. Jan 89

Nestle aims at Hershey with two promotions with AHL teams. Nov 89

Univ of New Orleans revenues take off with halftime promotion. Apr 89

Oakland A’s give-away flashlights at “Eveready / Bud Light Flashlight Night”. May 89

Univ of Oklahoma and Post Cereals enroll youths in “Junior Sooner” club. Oct 88

Orlando Magic gives away a new home with a promotion with a home builder. Jan 90

Pillsbury launches promotion with the Atlanta Hawks. Dec 89

Portland Trail Blazers help bank add $13 million in new deposits. Oct 88

RJR Nabisco joins the Atlanta Hawks as a new sponsor. Dec 89

Smartfoods Inc. reaches an important target group through promotion with George Washington Univ. Nov 89

Texas A & M and McDonald’s promote free tickets to women’s games. Nov 88

The Weather Channel sponsors a forecast-the-score contest with the Atlanta Attack. Mar 90

Toronto Blue Jays and Nabisco give away 25,000 educational activity books for children. Aug 90

U.S. Military Academy and Fuji give-away cameras and sponsor a photo contest. Dec 88

USA Today shoots to increase subscription sales with event sponsorship at Marquette Univ. Feb 90

Univ of Utah sets women’s gymnastics attendance record with help from promotion sponsor McDonald’s. Jul 89

West Virginia Univ and Key Centurion sponsor sports fantasy contest. Nov 88

Western Michigan Univ increases hockey attendance by 26%. Jan 89

Wheaties sponsors contest and gives away product at St. Louis Storm games. Feb 90

Univ of Wyoming beer case stacking contest is popular halftime activity. May 89



How a schedule card promotion netted $13 million in new business for a sponsor. Jon Spoelstra, Senior VP, Portland Trail Blazers. Oct 88

Sports cards promotion benefits community and school. Mike Parkinson, Director of Marketing, Arizona State University. Nov 88

Season ticket sales are the key to successful ope!rations. Mark Pajak, General Manager, Everett Giants. Dec 88

Providing entertainment for fans in part of the plan for the Rochester Americans. Randy Scott, Director of Operations, Rochester Americans. Jan 89

Rutgers uses promotions, telemarketing to create awareness for women’s basketball. Jeanne Taylor, Rutgers Univ. Feb 89

Consumer research can be a valuable tool for sports marketers. Newton Frank, Director Sports Marketing Research, R. H. Bruskin Associates. Mar 89

New bylaws give colleges more latitude for promotions. Dan Dutcher, Legislative Assistant, NCAA. Apr 89

CBA growth is fueled by strong team marketing. Bob King, VP-Marketing, CBA. May 89

Clemson benefits all sports with sponsorship package. Len Gough, Associate AD, Clemson Univ. Jun 89

Oakland A’s use ‘1ego” strategy to piece together sponsorships. Andy Dolich, VP-Business Operations, Oakland A’s. Jul 89

Kansas City Chiefs stretch advertising budget with sponsored inserts. Mitch Wheeler, Director of Sales/Promotions, Kansas City Chiefs. Aug 89

Stanford Univ explains its approach to trade-outs for athletic departments. Cheryl Levick/Terry Welder, Stanford Univ. Sep 89

Marketing hockey in Los Angeles has some unique challenges. Mike Gilbert, Director of Promotions, Los Angeles Kings. Oct 89

Maintaining momentum is the goal for a second-year NBA team. Tom Ward, VP-Marketing, Charlotte Hornets. Nov 89

Treat clients as friends is a key for success in sponsorship sales and renewals. John Hays, Senior VP-Marketing, California Angels. Dec 89

Phoenix Suns rely on product, packaging and personal involvement to sell the Suns. Harvey Shank, VP-Marketing, Phoenix Suns. Jan 90

Creating in-house television network takes time and planning. Joe Castiglione, Director of Marketing, Univ of Missouri. Feb 90

Temporary sales staff can generate profits with proper planning. John Steinmiller, VP-Business Operations, Milwaukee Bucks. Mar 90

Major League Baseball sells sponsors by building equity, protecting sponsors’ rights. Steve McKelvey, Manager-Corporate Sponsorships, Major League Baseball. Apr 90

Self-service radio network pays off for Temple Univ. Bruce McCutcheon, Associate Athletic Director, Temple Univ. May 90

Immediate remedies are key to boosting fan satisfaction. Dr. William Sutton, Ohio State Univ. Jun 90

Univ of Miami plans strategy for corporate sponsorship sales. Neal Bendesky, Associate Athletic Director, Univ of Miami. Jul 90

Vertical integration is key to Miller’s sponsorship strategy. Kevin Wulff, Manager-Sports Marketing, Miller Brewing Co. Aug 90

Focused marketing plans will help sports properties boost sales. Del Wilber, CEO, DelWilber + Associates. Sep 90



Sports teams find that bringing broadcast rights in-house pays off with increased revenues. Jan 90

Boosting attendance and interest in early season games is a marketing challenge for sports teams. Mar 90

Sports teams are looking to advertising agencies for marketing expertise. May 90

With the rapid growth of the Hispanic population, many sports teams are beginning to discover the benefits of marketing to Hispanics. Jul 90

Rent-a-tent packages are a growing source of revenue for sports teams. Sep 90



How important are promotional events in influencing fans lo attend games? Oct 88

Which factors influence consumers to attend more sporting events? Nov 88

When do fans make the decision to attend a sporting event? Dec 88

When do fans usually buy tickets for a sporting event? Jan 89

What impact does the broadcast of a live game have on fans’ attendance? Feb 89

What is the most effective way to influence fans to attend sporting events? Mar 89

Consumer research can be a valuable tool to help improve team marketing. Mar 89

What other entertainment activities are fans involved with when they’re not attending sporting events? Apr 89

Who do fans attend sporting events with? May 89

USF&G gains $3.6 million in exposure from title sponsorship of 1989 Sugar Bowl. Jun 89

Moves to new cities help minor league teams increase attendance. Jul 89

Telecast of Eagle Aloha Bowl generates $3.1 million in exposure for bowl sponsors. Aug 89

Does sponsorship of sports teams change the attitudes of fans towards the sponsoring company? Sep 89

Why do consumers attend sporting events? Oct 89

The appeal of opposing team has great influence on fans’ decision to attend NBA games. Nov 89

The Promotion Progression Planning Model for increasing ticket sales is examined. Dec 89

In-stadium signage ls highly visible to fans watching games at home. Jan 90

Signage at sporting event creates favorable attitude for sponsors among majority of fans. Feb 90

Corporate survey indicates image building is greatest asset of sports marketing. Mar 90

Media executives question cost effectiveness of sports advertising versus traditional advertising. Apr 90

Fireworks Night and price discounts most popular promotions for Pittsburgh Pirates fans. May 90

Research study uncovers two potential new markets for ticket sales. Jun 90

Consumers give high ratings to athletes as endorsers. Jul 90

Drug problems of professional athletes affect Americans’ interest in sports. Aug 90

CFA study indicates substance abuse is fans’ biggest concern about college football. Sep 90



ALPO licenses college trademarks for its College Pack dog food promotion. Aug 90

Baltimore Orioles produce annual yearbook on videotape. Apr 89

Baylor Univ generates revenue when fans make long-distance phone calls. Jul 90

Bethune-Cookman relinquishes home field advantage to increase funding for athletic programs. Apr 89

Buffalo Bisons give newborns and their mothers a “Bison Baby Welcome Pack”. Jul 90

Chicago Cubs promote care packages with local pizza restaurant for out-of-town fans. Jun 90

Chicago White Sox turn back clock to recreate atmosphere of 1917 baseball game. Aug 90

Clemson signs Nike to comprehensive corporate sponsorship package involving equipment for all teams. Aug 90

Clinton Giants sell beer pitcher that’s good for refills at a local bar. Apr 90

Dallas Mavericks create new scoreboard for defensive statistics. Sep 90

Green Bay Packers open Pro Shop inside Lambeau Field. Sep 89

Univ of Idaho milks revenues from “Steer-A-Year” program. May 90

Los Angeles Dodgers and a local newspaper circulate 145,000 copies of Dodger Blue. Nov 88

New Jersey Nets host high school tournament as part of a basketball tripleheader. May 89

New Orleans Saints host a convention for members of the team’s fan club. Jun 89

NFL Properties boosts benefits of its Citibank/NFL VISA credit card program. Aug 90

Univ of Notre Dame tests sponsorship with deals with Pizza Hut and Cellular One. Feb 90

Penn State is marketing ‘Lionvision’ satellite television network for PSU football. Aug 89

Phoenix Roadrunners to revive hockey franchise after 10 year absence. Aug 89

Pittsburgh Penguins moves training to home arena to create more opportunities for fans to see team. Sep 90

Pittsburgh Pirates expect $1M in sales from displays at grocery stores. Oct 89

Pittsburgh Pirates open merchandise displays in grocery stores. Jun 89

Portland Trail Blazers attract 20,000 fans to mid-summer Slam ‘N Jam event. Aug 90

Purdue Univ hires DelWilber + Associates to develop a strategic sports marketing plan for the school. Jun 90

Quad City Thunder and Quad City Angels team up to promote each other. Jan 90

Rent-a-tent sponsorship packages are a growing business for sports teams. Sep 90

Rental of the Boston Garden is available in the Winston Sports Connection catalog. Apr 89

San Francisco Giants offer fans chance to star in a baseball fantasy video. Jun 90

St. Louis Cardinals provide concession stand and special area for younger fans. Feb 90

Univ of Southern California generates $20,000 from sales of game jerseys. Jun 89

Univ of Southern Mississippi generates new revenue by erecting and selling on-campus billboards. Feb 90

Syracuse Univ’s Backcourt Area increases revenues for the school. Feb 89

Tampa Bay Buccaneers screen special highlight film at local theaters. May 89

Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ highlight film viewed by over 3M people as part of promotion with movie chain. Oct 89

U.S. Military Academy celebrates 100th anniversary of Army football with affinity bank checks. Sep 90

Univ of Wisconsin’s football coach and his wife host their own radio-shows. Jul 89

Utah Jazz uses clever direct mail pieces to promote players for post-season awards. Jun 89



ABCO Grocery Stores increase store traffic with promotion with Univ of Arizona. Jul 89

AMC Theaters gets exclusive rights to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers highlight film for preview in its theaters. May 89

AT&T is very satisfied with its league sponsorship with the CBA. Aug 89

Brunswick markets bowling balls with NFL team logos. Aug 89

Bud Light ties advertising theme with sponsorship of Oakland A’s Flashlight Night. May 89

Canadian Airlines International becomes NHL official sponsor. Oct 89

Citibank Visa is sponsor of Denver Broncos’ SpringFest fan festival. Sep 90

Coca-Cola signs as official sponsor of the NHL. Oct 89

Coca-Cola’s new PowerAde drink might use sports marketing as part of introductory marketing plans. Apr 90

Coors Light sponsors “Stack’ N Challenge” halftime event at Univ of Wyoming basketball games. May 89

The Dial Corporation turns to amateur sports for its sports marketing involvement. Jan 90

Denny’s sponsors scratch-off card promotion with San Diego Padres. Apr 90

Eveready tests flashlight give-away promotion with Chicago Cubs. Sep 90

Eveready uses its sponsorship of the Oakland A’s Flashlight Night to improve its position with a major retail account. May 89

Homers Baseball cookies signs promotion deals with major and minor league baseball clubs. May 90

Kellogg Co. becomes Official Sponsor of Major League Baseball. Apr 90

Kodak ties in with the NFL for a new sales promotion in NFL cities. Sep 89

Leaf Inc. samples its products as part of sponsorship/advertising package with the Shreveport Captains. Apr 89

McDonald’s helps out with women’s basketball promotion at Texas A & M. Nov 88

McDonald’s promotion helps Univ of Utah set women’s gymnastics attendance record. Jul 89

MCI Telecommunications signs $5 million deal with Major League Baseball. Apr 90

Miller Brewing Co. looks for vertical integration of its sponsorship packages. Aug 90

Miller Brewing Co. sponsors Minnesota Timberwolves’ Draft Day Party. Sep 89

Minolta uses CBA sponsorship to merchandise company at regional level. Aug 89

Molson Brewing joins NHL as an official sponsor. Oct 89

Mountain Dew Sport will use sports marketing to compete in the isotonic beverage category. Apr 90

Nabisco Brands sponsors give-away of children’s educational books at Toronto Blue Jays’ game. Aug 90

Nestle tests local marketing program using New England sports teams. Nov 89

Nike signs comprehensive deal with Clemson to provide equipment for all Clemson teams. Aug 90

Nissan sponsors Denver Nuggets exhibit at Denver’s Children’s Museum. Aug 89

Peter Pan signs one of minor league baseball’s largest sponsorship deals. Mar 90

Pizza Hut promotes massive regional promotion tied to NCAA basketball. Mar 90

Pizza Inn sponsors Dallas Mavericks’ new scoreboard that tracks defensive statistics. Sep 90

Polaroid hosts ‘instant’ photo contest with the California Angels. Sep 89

Popeyes sponsors Washington Redskins’ children’s activity book. Aug 90

Post Cereals sponsors the Univ of Oklahoma’s Junior Sooners program. Oct 88

Southwest Airlines offers discount airfare deal for Houston Astros fans. Jun 90

Sponsors of Major League Baseball teams listed. Mar 90

Sports Illustrated for Kids keeps kids reading with promotions with several MLB teams. Jul 90

Stroh Brewing Co.’s Sundance Sparkler reaches target audience with women’s college athletics sponsorship. Aug 89

TCBY, as part of its one-year deal with the NFL, looks to expand in-arena sales. May 90

True Value Hardware signs deal for give-away events with 30 minor league teams. Mar 90

The Weather Channel boosts local presence with deal with the Atlanta Attack. Mar 90

Wheaties looking for more local and regional sports sponsorship activities. Feb 90

Winston Cigarettes offers sports fantasy items in Sports Connection catalog. Apr 89



Univ of Akron sells game sponsorships to colleges within the University. May 90

Atlanta Hawks put sponsors sales objectives first when developing packages. Dec 89

Baltimore Skipjacks vie for sponsors in a competitive sports market. Sep 89

Binghamton Whalers redesign sales package and increase revenues 20%. Oct 88

Univ of California adds $50,000 in new revenues from women’s athletic sponsorship package. Aug 89

CBA delivers for current sponsors; looks to expand roster of sponsors. Aug 89

Charlotte Knights increase inventory of sponsorship opportunities with new stadium. Feb 90

Cleveland Cavaliers get mixed results from placing advertising seeking sponsors. Nov 88

Columbus Horizon is successful in attracting sponsors to new team. Nov 89

Univ of Denver’s sponsorship package adds $80,000 in revenues to the school. Dec 88

Fiesta Bowl generates $3.5M from sponsors. Oct 89

Fresno State Univ builds attendance through creative corporate sponsored promotions. Mar 90

Georgia Southern College handles the problem of too many sponsors. Apr 90

Kansas City Comets use video capabilities of its scoreboard to attract new sponsors. Jul 89

Madison Square Garden Network pitches joint sponsorships packages for the New York Rangers and New York Knicks. Nov 89

Memphis State Univ solicits bids for corporate sponsorships. Mar 89

Milwaukee Wave base sponsorship sale on quality, not quantity of fans. Apr 89

Minnesota Timberwolves will issue promotion activity reports for its sponsors. Sep 89

New Haven Nighthawks sell sponsorship package that includes ad space on game pucks. Sep 90

Northern Illinois Univ pieces together sponsorship package using the best elements of other programs. Jun 90

Ohio State Univ’s scoreboard research study helps OSU generate $800,000 in scoreboard advertising revenues. Jul 89

Oregon State Univ improves sponsorship package; hopes to increase revenues. May 89

Reading Phillies boost attendance and sponsorship revenues. Nov 88

Rockford Lightning use discount card to bring fans to team sponsors. Aug 90

Shreveport Captains sign Leaf Inc. to a sponsorship, advertising package. Apr 89

Sponsorship package aligns companies with women’s college athletics. Aug 89

Sponsorships grow for high school athletics. Jun 89

Stanford Univ adds new signage and value to its corporate sponsorship package. Jul 90

Univ of Toledo generates $300,000 in new revenues by bringing broadcast sales in-house. Apr 89

Wichita State Univ adds new signage and increases revenues. Feb 89

World Basketball League signs three sponsors for its Total Penetration Packages. Jun 90

World League of American Football begins its push for charter corporate sponsors. Jul 90



Barnes Management Company is matching corporations with women’s college athletics. Aug 89

Collegiate Licensing Co. creates College Pack dog food pro for Alpo. Aug 90

Communications Diversified is hired by CBA to solicit league sponsorships. Aug 89

DelWilber + Associates handles Dodge’s continued involvement with the NHL. Oct 89

DelWilber + Associates hired to develop sponsorship plans for Purdue Univ. Jul 90

Detroit Pistons’ in-house marketing arm, Glass Palace Productions, is hired by Detroit Lions to help market the NFL team. Jul 90

Fantastic Sports Promotions brings Peter Pan peanut butter to minor league baseball. Mar 90

Focused marketing plans will help sports properties boost sales, according to Del Wilber, DelWilber + Associates. Sep 90

Glendinning Company works with Miami Dolphins to stage Dolphins Mania contest. Dec 88

Greenwood Performance Systems produces sports guides for radio stations. Dec 89

Hill & Knowlton’s proprietary research system helps sponsors find the right sponsorship event. May 90

Host Communications buys Univ of Alabama’s radio, TV rights for $3.65M. May 90

L&R Productions markets pre-game audio show for minor league baseball. Feb 90

Marketing and Promotion Group arranges Eveready’s sponsorship deal with the Chicago Cubs. Sep 90

Pamela Willingham Holt & Associates coordinates women’s basketball tourneys for The Dial Corporation. Jan 90

Promotional Marketing Inc. compiles Sports Connection catalog for Winston cigarettes. Apr 89

Prova Marketing Group arranges deal for Pillsbury with the Atlanta Hawks. Dec 89

Rogers Merchandising puts together Miller Lite’s sponsorship of a laser show for the Minnesota Twins. Jan 89

Spectator Collegiate Marketing is hired to represent the college football sponsorship consortium. Jun 89

Sportslink arranges sponsorship deal for Leaf Inc with the Shreveport Captains. Apr 89

The Dyson Group works to bring sponsors to minor league baseball. Oct 89

Vant & Associates works with Bethune-Cookman, Florida A&M. Apr 89

Williams & Associates implements successful promotion for Univ of Arizona and local grocery store chain. Jul 89

Wirz & Associates brings client Rolaids to minor league baseball. Oct 89



Breyers Ice Cream Sep 90

Campbell Soup Co. Dec 89

Chiquita Brands Inc. Jan 90

Discover Card Feb 90

Domino’s Pizza Jul 89

Federal Express Apr 90

Fuji Photo Film USA Inc. Oct 89

Hardee’s Food Systems Sep 89

Hertz Corp. May 90

Jiffy Lube, Inc. Aug 89

Molson Breweries Jun 89

Olive Garden Restaurants Aug 90

Pizza Hut May 89

Royal Crown Cola Co. Jun 90

Smokey Bear Wildfire Prevention Program Jul 90

Taco Bell Mar 90

True Value Hardware Nov 89



Univ of Alabama sells football, basketball broadcast rights to Host Communications for $3.65M. May 90

Chicago Bulls expand radio network as result of lottery promotion. Oct 89

Cleveland Browns move production, sales in-house for pre-season games. May 90

Dayton Dynamo increase exposure by producing its own weekly television show. Dec 88

Huntsville Stars uses trade-out arrangements to gain $100,000 of free TV exposure. Feb 89

San Diego Chargers produce two television programs in-house. Dec 89

Sports teams find that bringing broadcast rights in-house pays off with increased revenues. Jan 90



Baltimore Orioles use 1989 success to sell next year’s season tickets. Oct 89

Baylor Univ tries to boost ticket sales and awareness by creating in-house mini-basketball tournaments for local companies. Dec 89

Blind Date Night attracts amorous fans to a Orlando Sun Rays game. May 90

Boston College takes high-tech approach to pushing tickets. Jan 90

Calgary Cannons use continuity promotions to sustain four years of attendance growth. Jan 89

Univ of Cal-Irvine attracts students with several new promotions. Jan 89

Charlotte Knights get new ticket sale and sponsorship opportunities with new stadium. Feb 90

Chicago Bulls court season ticket holders with an unique premium item. Nov 89

Chicago White Sox host sports memorabilia show at Comiskey Park. Jul 89

Columbus Clippers improve season ticket renewals by promoting two special games. Mar 89

El Paso Diablos will eliminate free ticket promotions with move to new stadium. Dec 89

Everett Giants indicate season ticket sales are key to success. Dec 88

George Washington Univ plans post-game comedy shows for several basketball games. Sep 89

Grand Valley State Univ uses different promotion to sell tickets to fans and businesses. Feb 89

Houston Astros make additions for the second year of its successful mobile ticket van. Jan 90

Houston Astros tie-in with Southwest Airlines for a discount game/plane ticket package. Jun 90

Indianapolis Ice successfully create new image for Its team and attracts new fans. Mar 89

Indianapolis Ice uses a high exposure vehicle — a city bus painted in team colors — to promote the team. Jul 90

Univ of Kansas brings the beach to the football stadium to help sell tickets. Dec 89

Univ of Kansas lowers price of some football tickets to attract new fans. Jan 89

LaCrosse Catbirds hire Customer Service Coordinator to handle needs of season ticket buyers. Apr 90

Los Angeles Cobras use direct mail to create awareness for new team. Jan 89

Univ of Miami attracts fans with “Mystery Trip” contest. Oct 88

Milwaukee Brewers makes late season push for ticket sales. Oct 89

Milwaukee Wave reaches children via advertisements in the comic pages. Mar 90

Minnesota North Stars draw new fans with Family Nights promotions. Apr 89

Mississippi State Univ creates Outfield Terrace area and increases attendance. Feb 89

Nashville Sounds add new two packages to attract new season ticket buyers. Dec 88

New Jersey Nets experiment with data base marketing and direct mail to develop repeat ticket buyers. Apr 90

New Jersey Nets organize “Working Women Night” to bring working women to basketball games. May 89

Old Dominion Univ forms student group to publicize sporting events. Nov 88

Orlando Sun Rays stage a Power Lunch Day. May 90

Orlando Twins give-away a college scholarship and triple attendance. Oct 88

Peoria Chiefs hope new incentive packages will boost group sales. May 89

Philadelphia Flyers fine-tune its sales strategy through extensive market research. Feb 89

Philadelphia Phillies’ Year of the Fan includes a series of fan oriented events. May 90

Phoenix Firebirds cool off fans with a watering system that sprays fans. Jun 90

Pittsburgh Penguins’ tickethon sells $60,000 of tickets during off-season. Nov 88

Portland St. Univ generates publicity by sending plastic mascots on the road. Jun 90

Quad Qty Thunder attract fans with a Couch Potato Day. Apr 90

Univ of Richmond uses targeted marketing to attract fans for basketball games. Mar 89

Rochester Americans realize entertainment is why fans attend games. Jan 89

Rockford Lightning attract fans, increase revenues with post-game boxing. May 89

Rockford Lightning season ticket buyers get special discounts from team sponsors. Aug 90

Rutgers Univ uses promotions and telemarketing to attract fans for women’s basketball. Feb 89

San Antonio Spurs get sales results from pre-season marketing blitz including a telethon-type tv show. Mar 90

San Antonio Spurs increase attendance by women with a new type of Ladies’ Nights. Jan 89

San Jose State Univ delivers pizza to the most boisterous section of fans. Apr 90

Tacoma Stars market tickets through programs with local bars. Dec 89

Texas Tech issues Fan Game Plans to get fans more involved in games. Oct 89

The rights choice of songs lends to atmosphere at sporting events. Jul 90

Tulsa Fast Breakers plan “Hoop-La Week” to re-introduce Tulsa fans to pro sports. Oct 88

Vanderbilt Univ markets its football team to area junior colleges and technical schools. Sep 89

Villanova Univ uses a focused direct mail campaign to sell football season tickets. Apr 89

Univ of Virginia uses integrated marketing program to increase season ticket sales. Nov 89

Western Illinois Univ adds pre-game entertainment to its Family Fun Zone ticket package. Sep 90

Univ of Wisconsin creates “Bleacher Creatures” section for students. Dec 88

Xavier Univ co-ops with cookie company, local department store to stage appearance of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. May 90

Youngstown Pride bring in large crowd.with “Super Give-Away promotion. Dec 88

Youngstown Pride utilizes several direct marketing tactics to sell season tickets. Jan 90



Univ of Akron May 90

Univ of Alabama May 90

Albany Patroons Feb 89

American Univ Jan 89

Univ of Arizona Jul 89

Arizona State Univ Nov 88

Atlanta Attack Mar 90

Atlanta Hawks Dec 89, Jun 90

Baltimore Orioles Apr 89, Oct 89, Jul 90

Baltimore Skipjacks Sep 89

Baylor Univ Dec 89, Jul 90

Bethune-Cookman College Apr 89

Binghamton Whalers Oct 88

Boston Celtics Jan 90

Boston College Jan 90

Buffalo Bisons Oct 88, Jul 90

Calgary Cannons Jan 89

California Angels Sep 89, Dec 89, Mar 90

Univ of California-Berkeley Aug 89

Univ of California-Irvine Jan 89

Canisius College Jan 90

Charlotte Hornets Nov 89

Charlotte Knights Feb 90

Chicago Bears Nov 88

Chicago Bulls Feb 89, Mar 89, Oct 89, Nov 89

Chicago Cubs Jun 90, Sep 90

Chicago White Sox Jul 89, Jul 90, Aug 90

Clemson Univ Jun 89, May 90, Aug 90

Cleveland Browns May 90

Cleveland Cavaliers Nov 88

Clinton Giants Apr 90

Colorado State Univ Oct 88

Columbus Clippers Mar 89

Columbus Horizon Nov 89

Dallas Mavericks Sep 90

Dallas Sidekicks Jan 89

Dayton Dynamo Dec 88

Denver Broncos Sep 90

Univ of Denver Dec 88

Denver Nuggets Aug 89, Jan 90

Detroit Lions Jul 90

Univ of Detroit Nov 89

Detroit Pistons Jul 90

East Carolina Univ Oct 88

El Paso Diablos Dec 89

Everett Giants Dec 88

Florida A&M Apr 89

Florida State Univ Mar 90

Fresno State Univ Mar 90

George Washington Univ Sep 89, Nov 89

Univ of Georgia Feb 89

Georgia Southern College Apr 90

Grand Valley State Univ Feb 89

Green Bay Packers Sep 89

Houston Astros Jan 90, Mar 90, Jun 90, Jul 90

Huntsville Stars Feb 89

Univ of Idaho Mar 90

Indiana Pacers Dec 89

Indianapolis Ice Mar 89, May 90, Jul 90

Univ of Iowa Dec 88, Oct 89

Iowa State Univ Sep 90

Kansas City Chiefs Aug 89, May 90

Kansas City Comets Jul 89

Kansas City Royals Feb 89

Kansas City Royals Feb 89, Mar 90

Univ of Kansas Jun 89, Dec 89

La Crosse Catbirds Apr 90

Los Angeles Cobras Jan 90

Los Angeles Dodgers Nov 88, Jul 90

Los Angeles Kings Oct 89, Mar 90

Louisiana State University (LSU) Nov 89

Maine Mariners Nov 89

Marquette Univ Feb 90

Memphis State Univ Mar 89

Miami Dolphins Dec 88

Miami Heat Jul 90

Univ of Miami Oct 88, Jul 90

Milwaukee Brewers Oct 89

Milwaukee Bucks Mar 90

Milwaukee Wave Apr 89, Jul 89, Mar 90

Minnesota North Stars Apr 89

Univ of Minnesota Nov 89

Minnesota Timberwolves Sep 89

Minnesota Twins Jan 89

Mississippi State Univ Feb 89

Univ of Missouri Feb 90

Nashville Sounds Dec 88

New England Patriots Sep 90

New Haven Nighthawks Nov 89, Sep 90

New Jersey Nets May 89, Apr 90

Univ of New Orleans Aug 89

New Orleans Saints Jun 89

New York Knicks Nov 89

New York Mets Mar 90, Jul 90

New York Rangers Nov 89

North Dakota State Univ Oct 88

Northern Illinois Univ Jun 90, Sep 90

Univ of Notre Dame Feb 90

Oakland Athletics May 89, Jul 89

Ohio State Univ Jul 89, Jun 90

Univ of Oklahoma Oct 88

Old Dominion Univ Nov 88

Oregon State Univ May 89

Orlando Magic Jan 90, Jul 90

Orlando Sun Rays May 90

Orlando Twins Oct 88

Univ of Pacific Oct 88

Penn State Univ Aug 89

Peoria Chiefs May 89

Philadelphia Flyers Feb 89

Philadelphia Phillies May 90

Phoenix Firebirds Jun 90

Phoenix Roadrunners Aug 89

Phoenix Suns Jan 90

Pittsburgh Penguins Nov 88, Sep 90

Pittsburgh Pirates Jun 89, Oct 89, Jan 90, May 90

Pittsburgh Steelers Dec 88

Univ of Portland Nov 88

Portland State Univ Jun 90

Portland Trail Blazers Oct 88, Mar 90, Aug 90

Purdue Univ Jan 89, Jan 90

Quad City Angels Jan 90

Quad City Thunder Jan 90, Apr 90

Reading Phillies Nov 88

Univ of Richmond Mar 89

Riverside Red Wave Sep 90

Rochester Americans Jan 89

Rockford Lightning May 89, Aug 90

Rutgers Univ Feb 89

San Antonio Spurs Jan 89, Mar 90

San Diego Chargers Dec 89

San Diego Padres Mar 90, Apr 90

San Francisco Giants Dec 88, Jun 90

San Jose St. Univ Apr 90

Seattle Supersonics May 90

Shreveport Captains Apr 89

Univ of Southern California Nov 88, Jun 89

Univ of Southern Mississippi Feb 90

Spokane Chiefs Dec 89, Feb 90

St. Louis Cardinals Feb 90, Mar 90

St. Louis Storm Feb 90

Stanford Univ Sep 89, Jul 90, Sep 90

Syracuse Univ Feb 89

Tacoma Stars Dec 89

Tampa Bay Buccaneers May 89, Oct 89, Feb 90

Temple Univ May 90

Texas A & M Univ Nov 88

Texas Tech Univ Oct 89

Univ of Toledo Apr 89

Toronto Blue Jays Aug 90

Tulsa Fast Breakers Oct 88

U.S. Military Academy Dec 88, Sep 90

Utah Jazz Jun 89

Univ of Utah Jul 89

Vanderbilt Univ Sep 89

Villanova Univ Apr 89

Univ of Virginia Nov 89

Washington Redskins Aug 90

Univ of West Virginia Jan 90

West Virginia Univ Nov 88

Western Illinois Univ Sep 90

Western Michigan Univ Jan 89

Univ of Wisconsin Dec 88, Jul 89

Wichita State Univ Feb 89

Univ of Wyoming May 89

Xavier Univ May 90

Youngstown Pride Dec 88, Jan 90



ABCO Grocery Stores Jul 89

ALPO Aug 90

AMC Theaters May 89

American Promotions Apr 90

Ameritech Mobile Communications Nov 89

Amtrak Nov 89

Anheuser-Busch Oct 89, Nov 89

AT&T Aug 89, Oct 89

ATC/ClayDesta Jul 90

Barkley & Evergreen May 90

Baylor Bear Club Jul 90

Bells Supermarkets Oct 88

Blockbuster Video Apr 90

Blue Cross & Blue Shield Oct 89

Breyers Ice Cream Sep 90

Brunswick Aug 89

Bud Light May 89

Burger King Nov 89

Campbell Soup Co. Dec 89

Canadian Airlines International Oct 89

Carl’s Jr. Mar 90

Carter Radio Network Jul 90

Cellular One Feb 90

Chiquita Brands Inc. Jan 90

Chrysler Corp. (Dodge) Oct 89

Citibank Aug 90, Sep 90

ClayMagic Productions Nov 89

CNBC Jun 90

Coca-Cola Feb 89, Oct 89, Nov 89, Dec 89, Apr 90

Collegiate Licensing Co. Aug 90

Communications Diversified Aug 89

Concepts Marketing Group May 90, Jul 90

Cool Mist Jun 90

Coors Light May 89

Daktronics Jun 90

Delicious Cookie Co. May 90

DelWilber + Associates Oct 89, Jun 90, Sep 90

Denny’s Restaurants Apr 90

The Dial Soap Corporation Jun 90

Discover Card Feb 90

Domino’s Pizza Jul 89, Feb 90

Dr. Pepper Dec 89

The Dyson Group Oct 89

E & M Sales Co. Apr 90

Eagle Snacks Jan 90

Erwin-Penland May 90

Eveready Battery Co. May 89, Sep 90

Evian Nov 89

Fantastic Sports Promotions Mar 90

Federal Express Apr 90

Fiesta Bowl Oct 89

Foot Locker Nov 89

Frito-Lay Nov 89, Dec 89

Fuji Film Dec 88, Oct 89, Jun 90

G. Heileman Brewery Co. Apr 89

Glass Palace Productions Jul 90

Glendinning Company Dec 88

Good Humor Ice Cream Jun 90

Greenwood Performance System Dec 89

Gulf Oil Nov 89

H-E-B Jan 89

Hardee’s Food Systems Sep 89

Hertz Corp Nov 89, May 90

Hill & Knowlton May 90

Homer’s Baseball Cookies May 90

Host Communications May 90

Houston Cellular Mar 90

Illinois State Lottery Mar 89

Inkwell Promotions Apr 90

Jiffy Lube, Inc. May 89, Aug 89

Kellogg Apr 90

Kodak Apr 89, Sep 89

L&R Productions Feb 90

Laser Fantasy Jan 89

Leaf Inc. Apr 89

Legend Food Products May 90

Lou Malnati’s Jun 90

LPGA May 90

Madison Square Garden Nov 89

Marine Midland Bank Nov 89, Sep 90

Marketing & Promotion Group Sep 90

Mass Mutual Insurance Oct 89

Mazda Nov 89

McDonald’s Nov 88, Jul 89

MCI Apr 90

Metropolitan Life Nov 89

Miller Brewing Co. Sep 89, Aug 90

Miller Lite Jan 89

Millsport Sep 90

Minolta Aug 89, Nov 89

Mobil Oil Nov 89

Molson Brewing Jun 89, Oct 89

Mountain Dew Sport Apr 90

Nabisco Brands Ltd. Aug 90

Nestle Nov 89

New York State Lottery Feb 89

NFL Properties Aug 90, Sep 90

Nike Aug 90

Nissan Apr 89

Olive Garden Restaurants Aug 90

Pamela Willingham Holt & Associates Jan 90

Peter Pan Peanut Butter Mar 90

Pillsbury Dec 89

Pittsburgh Civic Arena Corp. Jan 90

Pizza Hut May 89, Dec 89, Feb 90, Mar 90

Pizza Inn Sep 90

Polaroid Sep 89

Popeyes Aug 90

Post Cereals Oct 88

PowerAde Apr 90

Promotional Marketing Inc. Apr 89

Prova Marketing Group Dec 89

Publix Grocery Stores Dec 88

Rawlings Sporting Goods Aug 90

R. H. Bruskin Associates Mar 89

Rogers Merchandising Jan 89

Rolaids Oct 89

Royal Crown Cola Co. Jun 90

Ryan Homes Jan 90

Seiko Nov 89

Sharp Electronics Nov 89

Shell Oil Dec 89

Shur-Good Cookie Co. May 90

Smartfoods Inc. Nov 89

Smokey Bear Wildfire Prevention Jul 90

Southwest Airlines Jun 90

Spectator Collegiate Marketing Jun 89

Sports illustrated for Kids Jul 90

Sportslink Apr 89

Stroh Brewing Company Apr 89, Aug 89

Taco Bell Mar 90

TCBY May 90

Texaco Mar 90

Thriftway ATP Championship May 90

True Value Hardware Nov 89, Mar 90

U.S. Army Dec 89

USF&G Jun 89

US West Oct 89

USA Today Feb 90

Valvoline Mar 89

Vant & Assoc. Apr 89

Video Post Cards Jun 90

VISA Aug 90, Sep 90

Voit Nov 89

Volvo Nov 89

The Weather Channel Mar 90

Wheaties Feb 90

Williams & Associates Jul 89, Apr 90

Winston Cigarettes Apr 89

Wirz & Associates Oct 89

World Basketball League Jun 90

World League of American Football Jul 90

Yaquinto Printers Apr 90

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