FTP: Welcome MLS to the Big Leagues

From the Publisher…

Welcome to the May TMR Insider.

Today we launch our new Fan Cost Index for Major League Soccer.

In addition, please make sure you check out:

We’ve also been cranking out updates to hundreds of team, sponsor, media and service company profiles in the new TMR FactBook. If you have edits or adds, shoot them to factbook@teammarketing.com and we’ll update same day. To add or update your info yourself — or pass the link on to a client or team who needs their info updated — head HERE.

And if you’re new to TMR, don’t miss our Apr 2019 (Vol 31, Iss 2) and Mar 2019 (Vol 31, Iss 1) content as well, just click on the month at the bottom of the page. Some terrific stuff including:

Stay fancentric!


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