FTP: Inclusion Is Not Optional

From the Publisher…

Picture a “disabled” kid. Now blow that image up and never do that again.

It’s time to stop making assumptions and putting people in buckets.

It’s time to start finding ways to be more inclusive and open-minded.

It’s time to change our thinking.

Still have a wall up because you’re sick of the “PC Police” telling you how to operate? How about this — stripping everything else away, you can make more money.

Now do I have your attention?

What I’m getting at here is: We need to work to build environments where anyone can not only be a fan, but become a passionate supporter of your team, your brand, your product.

How? Move past assumptions and think about being INclusive, not EXclusive.

Please read Time to Be Inclusive on how “the Q” — which just became Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse this month — and the Cleveland Monsters and Cavaliers turned a disastrous fan experience into nothing short of an industry-changing “Sensory Inclusive” offering by partnering with Kulture City.

You’ll hear from teams, venues, non-profits and the families whose lives have now been altered twice – once when their child was diagnosed with a sensory issue, and again when the sports world has welcomed them back to the games they all love.

It’s pretty damn cool if you ask me. But I’m more than just a little bit biased since I wrote the piece, so I’ll let you judge for yourself.

We’ve created an interactive map of inclusive venues that we’ll update as we learn of more sports facilities becoming sensory inclusive. If we’re missing anything, let us know at editorial@teammarketing.com.

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Sensory Bag Example Credit: Amy Belles

Stay fancentric!


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