Excerpt: “3-Win Sponsorship: The Next Generation of Sports & Entertainment Marketing” by John Balkam

The following excerpt is from Chapter 6 of 3-Win Sponsorship: The Next Generation of Sports & Entertainment Marketing by John Balkam.

You can purchase a copy of the eBook on Amazon for $0.99 through the end of Dec.

Spearheading Sustainability in Collegiate Athletics
If you ask Dave Newport about sustainability in sports and entertainment sponsorship, he will tell you this:

“There is no downside. There is only upside.”

Newport is a sustainability professional who . . .

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John Balkam is the author of 3-Win Sponsorship, which will be published in Dec 2019 by New Degree Press. He is also the founder of Third Win Group (TWG), a Washington, D.C., consultancy focused on driving both financial value and social impact for clients in the sports and entertainment industry.